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Welcome to Sand Storm Cartel's website!  (Port Nowhere (PvP) - Republic)

We are selectively recruiting stud muffins for our PvP ventures in SWTOR.
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LilBaren, Dec 12, 11 10:23 PM.
Well well well.  The Old Republic is about to release, AND GUESS WHO'S BACK!.  I would like to commemorate this moment with a video that best represents the broskohans that play under the new name: Sand Storm Cartel!

I would lastly like to say Better luck next time for any persons, guilds, groups, or cults that try to get in our fuckin way.  Brah.

Back in the saddle again

LilBaren, Jun 19, 11 6:37 PM.
Well well its been, what, 3 months?  The guild is back and rolling, and we are looking stronger than ever.  We have decided to focus primarily on PvP this time around, doing lots of World PvP, Rated Battlegrounds, and Arenas.  So far the only Zealot vets to come back are myself, Elimenator, and Biggiesmal.  We hope to keep getting our old crew back, for a good run in the upcoming season 10 for PvP.

Our goal is to achieve and maintain a 2400 Rated BG rating.  We want the titles, we want the fame, and we want the blood.  We plan on doing a hell of a lot of World PvP, in hopes to smack around some Kings and dance on their corpses.  The challenge?  We are only outnumbered nearly 3:1 on this server (alliance:horde), so it should prove to be quite the test for all of us.  We hope to take our shots at Vodka, who claim to be establishing a top notch PvP team in the "near future."  We'll put them to the test.  I leave you with this image and I call it:  HULKSMASH IS BACK.

Ascendant Council and Maloriak Downed

LilBaren, Feb 27, 11 8:24 PM.
During the past week and a half we struggled with twin drakes, but after a brief break from raiding we picked back up and one shotted the drakes.  Our new target was Ascendant Council.  AC was a good test for us, to be honest we were a bit under geared for the fight.  After a full night of wipes, we ended up coming back and downing the council and took our first glance at Cho'gall.  We decided, as a guild, we would refocus ourselves on Blackwing Descent.  It wasn't long before Maloriak was added to farm status.

We will now be focusing our efforts on Atramedes and Chim.  Once we get through those two we will be looking forward to the Nefarian and Cho'gall 10 man encounters.

A fun fact, we are now in the top 10 of 10-man progression on our realm.  We expect to begin our heroic ventures of 10-mans in the next two weeks.

Twin dragons downed

LilBaren, Feb 15, 11 1:03 AM.
Halfus was finally killed.  With that said, we quickly moved on and demolished Valiona and Theralion!  Gratz guys.  We are now half way through Cata content (6/12) in 10-mans.

Omnotron downed

LilBaren, Feb 8, 11 4:11 PM.
We spent a full night nearly three hours and only got the series of golems to 40%.  On Monday, after a much needed break from raiding; Omnotron took a seat.  After a couple wipes, to refresh our memory of the boss; we disposed of the golems and began to walk the halls of Blackwing descent like bromantanas.  NEXT UP: Atramedes/Halfus.

Special shoutout to the drama king, negative nancy, "pro raider" Stafoo.  getatusbro 

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